May 14, 2016


Jimmy Fallon Teams Up With Blake Shelton For ‘Tonight Show’ Charades

Last night’s The Tonight Show featured Kit Harington, Rose Byrne, and country star Blake Shelton as guests. 

Along with host Jimmy Fallon, the four played a game of charades. Fallon paired with Shelton and Harington paired with Byrne for an entertaining coupling. Leading with playful banter, Fallon introduced Shelton as an 11 year old. Shelton and Fallon’s back-and-forth would culminate with Shelton joking, “You wasted the entire time trying to be funny. Can I please be on Rose’s team?”

The teams had to guess a number of musical references like Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” the Broadway musical Cats, and the game ended with Harington and Shelton acting out The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” Harington and Byrne ended up winning the game as the other two were a bit humorously competitive. 

Watch the nine-minute game above.