May 27, 2016


The Joker Rollercoaster at Six Flags Gets Temporarily Shut Down


New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure plans to open their new Joker rollercoaster on Saturday, but they have to make some quick adjustments first. The ride is being temporarily shut down after being a little too shaky and two people got stuck on board for a few hours (it was previewed for season pass holders).

Spokesperson Kristin Siebeneicher said in a statement, 

"One of the trains was rocking a bit too much and came into the station in a reclined position. We're going to make a minor adjustment so they don't rock so much. We chose not to reopen the ride for the day so we could make the adjustments."

Once the ride is tweaked, park officials plan to reopen it Friday for season pass holders and then make it available to the general public for the rest of the weekend. The Joker rollercoaster is a 4D free-fly coaster that looks like a very intense joyride.

It is the latest addition to Six Flags' DC Comics-themed rides, including Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Bizarro and Batman: The Ride.