May 19, 2016


Did Jonathan Pryce Just Drop a Big 'Game of Thrones' Spoiler?

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO
Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Heads up for all you diehard Game of Thrones fans: you might want stop reading. 

But for those people who crave juicy spoilers, Jonathan Pryce recently unveiled some major keys. The actor, who plays the High Sparrow in the HBO series, stated in a new Polish interview (translated via ONTD):

"When Cersei's trial happens...High Sparrow and everyone else is waiting in the Sept of Baelor for Cersei to show up. And the High Sparrow is very certain for Cersei to show up and so is everyone else. No one expects that something very unpleasant is about to happen."

He also added:

"[P]eople are speculating that this scene will be like the Red Wedding. The doors to the Sept of Baelor will be locked and while everyone is waiting for Cersei, Qyburn will blow the entire place up with wildfire."

In other GoT news, Kit Harrington revealed that he told a random cop Jon Snow's fate in order to get out of a speeding ticket. George R.R. Martin also shared a new chapter from Winds of Winter (the novel is still unfinished).

For even more Game of Thrones goodies, check out a roundup of the show's most famous fans and listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast chat about all things Jon Snow at the 20:30-minute mark below: