May 29, 2016


Look At Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Vinyl Packaging That Never Happened

U.K.-based LuckyMe Records shared what would have been the vinyl packaging for Kanye West’s Yeezus record (via Pitchfork). 

Only released as a CD, the original album art for Yeezus was of a clear CD case that had a red sticker. On Instagram, LuckyMe shared that a few years ago they were asked to provide a mock-up of what the vinyl package would be. The vinyl release would have followed the same style as the CD release except with a clear vinyl record. Responding in the comments section of the photo, LuckyMe added, “we had to house some prints by Nick Knight so hid them between x2 mirrored-backed inserts. The case is a thin acrylic box.”

Earlier in 2016, Kanye went on Twitter to announce that he was no longer going to release CDs of his albums. Remarking on Yeezus’ CD packaging, Ye said:

Who knows if this Yeezus vinyl pressing will ever see the light of day. West’s latest The Life of Pablo also has not seen a vinyl release.