May 20, 2016


Krysten Ritter Teases 'Jessica Jones' Relationship with Luke Cage in Next Season

At the end of the first season of Marvel's hit Netflix show Jessica Jones, the show's namesake and Luke Cage were in a weird place in their relationship. Luke is recovering from a coma and Jessica is dealing with killing her nemesis, Kilgrave. We never find out where their relationship stands, especially since there's that whole thing about Jessica killing Luke's wife while being mind-controlled...

Luke Cage is getting his own Netflix show, so that has fans wondering how much crossover there will be between the two shows. While promoting the series on Thursday, star Krysten Ritter gave a few teases to Entertainment Tonight her involvement with actor Mike Colter:

“I love me some Mike Colter. [Jessica and Luke] are so different, but they both have something kind of broken inside, and they identify with each other because of that. There’s just some magic that happens.

“I love their relationship. I loved it in the original comic books, in [comic series] Alias, and Mike’s a joy to work with. We had a lot of fun.”

Just a day before, Colter himself gave a brief but hopeful tease of his own to Entertainment Weekly, saying, Jessica is “only a train ride away.”

As for the rest of Season 2, Ritter anticipates what they give her to work with:

“I’m so excited to see what [the writers] come up with. [I’d love] to dig deeper into the psychology of the aftermath of Kilgrave (David Tennant), and maybe we could do a couple big stunts. I’d be down for that.”

Of course, we'll be seeing more of the friendship between Jessica and Trish, which was the crux of Season 1's finale:

“That was one of the most exciting things about the show, that female friendship. At the heart of it, that’s really what it’s about. It’s about that relationship with her very best friend, her sister. I just loved how honest and real it was.

“I think people really respond to seeing a female friendship that is not perfect. And they’re never talking about shoes or a boyfriend. Their own story is enough to sustain a narrative, and I think that’s really cool.”

Luke Cage premieres on Sept. 30, while Jessica Jones has yet to receive a release date.

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