May 7, 2016


Lauryn Hill Was Late For Her ATL Concert and Twitter Is Losing It

David M. Benett/Getty Images
David M. Benett/Getty Images

Lauryn Hill's tendency to be tardy isn't new. She was late for her Bonnaroo 2014 set, and she's been late for approximately a bajillion concerts since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill dropped in 1998. Fans continue to pack venues to see her and make her festival sets a priority, because her genius and the resounding impact of that album alone can't be denied, let alone her brilliant work with the Fugees

The only difference between going to see a Lauryn Hill show in 2016 vs. going to see one in 2006? People can record video of the sound being cut, the crowd getting pissed and angry concertgoers confronting her about the half-hour set she delivered instead of the two-hour gig they were promised. And they can post it on the internet immediately afterwards. 

That's what happened in the hours following Hill's performance in Atlanta last night, when Hill showed up two hours late, played for approximately 30 minutes, and got cut off by the venue's curfew in the middle of a song. Twelve hours after her mic fell silent, she's trending nationally on Twitter as fans come out of the woodwork to voice their outrage and roll their eyes at those who thought she'd actually play her agreed-upon set time.

One fan confronted her about it. In the clip below, Hill seems apologetic at first, saying that her driver got lost: "I can't control that." When the fan says that he heard her sound-checking around 4 p.m. and asks her why she didn't stay there, she responds with "Because that's not how I do it." There's no reason why Hill should hang around a venue for hours when she doesn't have to. There's also no reason for the driver to take an hours-long scenic tour of Atlanta on the way back to the venue, though, so either way, this isn't good.

Here, you can see the sound and the lights get cut:

And here, you can see the internet at large freak out over her trending, assuming the worst and then diving into the meme machine.