May 26, 2016


Linkin Park Share Studio Video Update, New Album On The Way

This year we've been promised a new Linkin Park album and it looks like the guys are going to deliver, soon. In a new YouTube clip, Mike Shinoda of the band talks to who we imagine are engineers and producers while in the studio. He details LP's upcoming seventh full-length:

"As we go you're going to hear them start to have a lot of layers, maybe too many. We're eventually gonna go through...we're going to import my sounds, [turntablist] Joe [Hahn]'s sounds, collaborators' sounds, it's going to be way too many sounds. We're gonna go through and sort through our favorite combinations of them. I'll try to give them a good pass...There's going to be too many sounds, which is a good problem to have."

Sounds like they've already got so much to work with! Watch the full clip above.

When you're done getting way too excited about the studio update, watch an old-school Fuse clip with Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, below. In it he details his band's first music video and GRAMMY award.