May 31, 2016


Mariah Carey Shows Up in Lingerie on 'Live With Kelly': Watch

Mariah Carey is one of the few female artists who is unafraid to own her diva status, and during her Live With Kelly appearance on May 30, she gave us yet another over-the-top moment! The show's theme was "pajama party," but the icon decided to show up with a slinky negligee paired with fluffy bedroom heels and diamonds.

After flaunting her also over-the-top engagement ring to the host, the singer revealed a few details on the upcoming wedding to billionaire fiancé James Packer: "I can't really talk about them right now because everything is still being figured out. I never said it was gonna be a big wedding."

Mariah also explained that she has "anniversaries," not birthdays; talked about her fans getting tattoos in honor of her; discussed being carried around everywhere because she's always wearing heels; and even slyly referenced that infamous Jennifer Lopez meme.

The singer dove into what we all can expect from Mariah's World, her new docu-series premiering on E!. Be prepared for her to break the fourth wall and offer some MTV Cribs moments, like when she took a lavish bubble bath.

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