May 18, 2016


Watch Miley Cyrus Make Ridiculous Funny Faces with Jimmy Fallon

Miley Cyrus has the weird face game on lock (just take one look at her Instagram), and the singer's skills were put to the test Tuesday night (May 17) during a "Funny Face Off" battle with Jimmy Fallon. The two went head-to-head as they recreated the mushed and squished faces of various kids. Watch above to see Miley dominate Fallon in the ridiculous battle!

The singer also chatted about her kneecap with the late night host, where she—in typical Miley fashion—compared it to Seth Rogen's face. "I actually showed it to Seth, and he even he thought it was completely [uncanny]. It's very strange," she said.

Watch that comparison, as well as Miley discussing her role as team leader on the upcoming eleventh season of The Voice, below (she predicts someone either on her or Alicia Keys' team will win the whole competition).