May 27, 2016


Honor Memorial Day With a Real Army Medic’s Playlist

Frank Rossoto Stocktrek via Getty Images
Frank Rossoto Stocktrek via Getty Images

Memorial Day is an important day for us to remember those lost while bravely protecting our country and doubles as a reminder to keep those currently serving in our hearts. 

With our mind on the military this weekend, we asked a stationed army medic—i.e., a Fuse staffer's brother—to curate a playlist for us. Will is currently stationed at Fort Drum in New York, notorious for its harsh winters, and told us everyone on the base is looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend weather. 

From 2016 song of the summer contenders by Justin Timberlake and Calvin Harris to EDM gems by Sigala and Steve Aoki, check out the songs Will listens to in his downtime and will be playing all weekend below: