May 7, 2016


We Asked Our Moms to Predict the Song of the Summer

Courtesy of Bianca Gracie
Courtesy of Bianca Gracie

We do a lot of writing and reporting and opining at Fuse, and, I mean, we can't be writing haikus about Harry Styles' hair, tracking Frank Ocean's every move and waxing poetic about Drake ALL the time. It's too much responsibility. So, naturally, when we needed to predict the song of the summer (we are obligated to for internet/*content* reasons), we went to our moms. After all, our moms held the burden of birthing, feeding, educating and passing down values to us. They can handle one more task, right?!?

So the Fuse team called up our moms (as you should do every day) and asked them to predict the song of the summer. Here's what they said:

Sarah Maloy (social media director): Can you tell me what you think the song of the summer will be?
Sheila: [Laughs] I would have no idea. The song of the summer? I don't even listen to your music—er, the popular music right now. You're not taping me, are you? [pause] Sarah Maloy?! 

No, but I am writing this down. Come on, you can pick one — tell me the song of the summer.
Of any summer? Or this coming summer? 

This coming summer.
Uhh... I can't even name a song. Are you kidding me? I can't even name a song. [pause] The Beach Boys' "Surf City."

You can't name one song that's out right now?
Uh no. I can't. I can't name one. I don't know any songs that are out—popular right now. I always listen to hits from the '60s, '70s, '80s, maybe the '90s. I knew I should've done my homework. 

You like Adele. How did you discover Adele? 
By listening to the radio. I like her new song..."Hello"? Er, uh...I hear lots of songs on the radio. 

Well sing one of them to me and I'll tell you what it's called. 
Oh you know I can't sing. I'm going to turn on the radio and find one. Can I do that? [Pause] I'm going to have one for you in just a minute.

Ok, how about you name one current artist.
Adele, um...Taylor Swift, uh...John Legend. I like his new song about his wife, er, it's something about...what's the name of it...I can't think of the name of it, but I like his song. About love. It's a love song. You know which one I mean? 

"All of Me"?
Yes. I like that song. That's the song I'm picking for the summer—John Legend, "All of Me." That's a good one, isn't it? You're embarrassing me, you're...I'm gonna call you back when I figure out a good song. How about One Direction, "History"? 

Is that what just came on the radio?
Yeah. Yeah it is. I never heard that song in my life.

Jeff Benjamin (features editor): Can I use what you're saying in a story I'm doing?
Pat Benjamin: Hell no! Yes, of course. It can and will be used in a court of law.

Yes it will.
Okay. Okay. Rip 'em. Rip it.

I want to know what you think the song of the summer will be this year.
That "Mom" song.

What "Mom" song?
The one you can gave me. [Laughs.] Just kidding.

The Meghan Trainor song? You do think it could be a hit?
I do. I like that song.

She's popular.
I can't really see a song like that being a hit of the summer. Maybe for Mother's Day. Let me think. How… I have to predict what song I think would be big?

Yeah, the song of the summer!
Probably something by Prince or Beyoncé. Because Beyoncé just had that big CD. But Prince just died so maybe something of his will come back. But hit song? I don't really know. Is that okay?

Prince or Beyoncé, you say?
The best song from Beyoncé's album. I don't know how good I am at predicting. A lot of people are talking about Beyoncé and a lot of people are talking about Prince dying, so people follow those trends.

That’s it? Do you want to give more opinions?
I never thought of Prince's music as affecting so many people and a lot of people got some of their ideas from him. I didn't realize he played all those instruments. Especially when an artist is gone, people appreciate them. Beyoncé, now she has this new image. Before she was just bootylicious. Now she's writing about her life, the problems in her life. That song "Lemonade"—wasn't that about her struggles and things she feels strong about versus kind of a dance album? I heard people talking about that when I heard reviews of her album on the radio and stuff.

Well, Lemonade's the name of the album. Not a song.
Right. I don't mean the song "Lemonade," I didn't hear enough of it. I heard one song and I didn't even know what song it is.

Okay, thank you for talking to me.
What do I get?

Fame and fortune when this goes online.
Did you record this?

I've been recording it, yes. Is that okay?
Oh, that's okay. I just didn't have my good voice.

You sounded good.

Bianca Gracie (associate writer): It’s just one question…
Parciah Mahabee: Just one?!

Yeah, I just need to know what the song of the summer is going to be.
WELL, I’m here with my patient Wandy. And I played a couple songs for my little boy Wandy, who will be 17 years old tomorrow. And he lovessss Rihanna. However! I think Rihanna is well known. I’ve never heard of D-N…CE? Is that the name of the group, Bianca?

And I think it’s a very catchy song. What’s it called? “Cake by the Ocean”? Wandy gives a thumbs-up to that one, right Wandy? So we think “Cake by the Ocean” is gonna take it off this summer. Where is the group from, Bianca?

Uhh, I don’t know. New York…I think? Somewhere in America…or maybe California.
Well you don’t know where they’re from? Oh my goodness. Well I’ve never heard of them. So we assume because they’re not well-known and the song is very catchy that it’s gonna be the hit for this summer, for 2016. So how much money do we get from Fuse TV for this?

You’re not getting any money.
Oh. Well we also like, umm, what’s the group called? Umm, they’re founded by umm, Simon Cowell or whatever his name is. From, uhh, Fifth Harmony?

They have a song out called “Work From Home,” which is a little bit off Rihanna’s beat I think. You ever hear it?

Yes, mommy.
Yeah, so that song, because I think it’s a little copy off Rihanna. It’s a nice song, but it’s a copy off Rihanna’s “Work It.” So we’re not gonna assume it’s gonna be that well hit. And Pitbull is well-known, and [Enrique] Iglesias is Spanish. And we don’t know DNCE, so we decide to go with DNCE. It’s a nice beat. We do like, um, I think Meghan Trainor’s “No No” is coming up right up behind it too. Okay, bye Bianca, thank you for the interview! Wandy, say bye! The interview is over. She can’t see you smiling, you have to say bye!

Zach Dionne (news editor): Hey, how's it going?
Paula Dickerson: Good. We're stuck in traffic. [To Aunt Jonna: Yeah, we were just talking about Zach. Isn't that weird?]

So we're doing a thing at work for Mother's Day where we're asking our moms what the song of the summer will be.
The song of this summer's gonna be? Uuuuuummmmm...I'm gonna say...songs of the summer, Jonna, help me think. Uuuuummmm....something from Beyoncé's new album. But, if you're gonna publish it, I would say "Sound & Color."

The song?
Alabama Shakes.

Right, but the song, not the album.
Yup. Alright. Am I gonna win?

I don't think there's winning.
Do I get a prize? Wait, am I on speaker phone at your work?

Okay. I gotta go. We're in traffic and we're bringing the mattresses to your sister's new house.

Bye mom, I love you.
Love you too, call me back so we can catch up.

Emilee Lindner (senior editor): Everyone at work is asking their mom to predict the song of the summer.
Lisa Lindner: The song of the summer? I have no idea.

What songs do you like?
Well how old is that Adele album?

Uh, it came out in the fall.
Would it be something on there?

Probably not.
What about a Meghan Trainor song?

Oh yeah, you love her.
How about that Ariana Grande with that "Dangerous Woman"?

She’s perfect.
What about a Meghan Trainor? There’s a Katy Perry song I like too? About a guy being mixed up, you’re right when I’m wrong, you hot then you’re cold.

“Hot N Cold”
Like he’s bipolar, like a woman, like they can’t make up their mind…. I don’t think guys care too much about what they look. Girls are always like, does this make me look fat? Girls are always too fussy. Guys just throw on a t-shirt and say I’m out. I think that’s what this is.

Ok so Katy Perry?
I really like the way Ariana Grande does that "Dangerous Woman." I’m going to go play it.

Jason Lipshutz' (deputy editor) mom, Beth: Okay. I like "Work From Home," but I think it's peaking too early. It's possible it will be a Beyoncé song since her album just came out, though I have not heard a specific song. I like "Love Yourself" (but only because Ed Sheeran is on it). So I say, a Beyoncé song.