May 3, 2016


75-Year-Old Man Plows Giant Prince Symbol Into Corn Field

In accordance with the laws of nature, the Prince tributes are still going. Today it's a 75-year-old North Dakota retiree taking to his corn field to make the coolest crop circle in American history.

Edgeley resident Gene Hanson grabbed an image of Prince's famous symbol online, printed it out and taped it on the hood of his tractor. After, he hopped in his airplane and scoped it out. "I couldn't believe it myself that it turned out so well," he told the Grand Forks Herald. "I was probably the most surprised. This one just happened to turn out first try."

Here's a closer look:

Hanson has been known to plow tributes to Easter and Mother's Day in his field, as well. The genesis for the Prince symbol went like this: "I thought to myself, maybe I should try something like that. I didn't tell anyone I was going do it, I didn't even tell my wife I was going to do it. But it's been fun."

So was he a lifelong Prince fan or something? "I like the song 'Purple Rain,'" he told the Herald. "I'm normally country western. I guess everyone's a fan of Prince right now, since he passed away. I guess that's how life goes."

Prince died on April 21 at the age of 57. The cause of death is still undetermined.