May 10, 2016


Rob Zombie Supports Babymetal, Disses Boring Rock Dudes

Rob Zombie on Facebook
Rob Zombie on Facebook

We've known Rob Zombie is a standup guy for decades now, so today's news story should come as no real surprise. The metal icon posted a picture alongside Japanese metal wunderkinds Babymetal and, of course, Facebook commenters had to go and try and ruin the damn thing. 

Because rock dudes typically only embrace other rock dudes, comments like "Are you kidding me Rob? Baby Metal is J-Pop, not Metal. But to each their own I guess..." and "They are awful. This is lame. I love you Rob, but shame on you" emerged. We won't speak to the grammatical quality of the posts, but we will tell you that Zombie responded to both with "these three girls had more energy than 90 percent of the bands we play with" and "They roll harder than you," respectively.

His replies were spot-on, and we really hope it'll challenge the institutionalized misogyny that runs rampant in the hard rock scene. It's a backwards world; hat tip to Rob Zombie for trying to change it.

You can read more comments/check out the post here. When you're done reading that, take our quiz: Which Member of Babymetal Are You?

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