May 13, 2016


Scott Patterson Says 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Ends in 'Cliffhanger'

Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA
Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA

We've seen glimpses of Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival and have learned from the show's stars about the cast's emotional reunion, but up until Thursday (May 12), not much had been revealed about what actually transpires on the reboot.  

But luckily, Scott Patterson delivered something of a spoiler. Speaking with the Gilmore Guys podcast on Thursday, he explained that the much hyped reunion series ends in kind of a cliffhanger. In other words, this specific Gilmore Girls reunion might not be the last.

Patterson, who plays the grizzled, flannel-wearing diner owner Luke Danes on the show, told the podcast that “there’s room for more" after the reboot's end. He added that there's more the show's ending than previously thought: "People have been intimating that they’d like it to continue and that there’s room for it to continue and we’ll see how this goes and how successful this is." While that's not much of an admission, the actor did say he's pulling for the Stars Hallow saga to continue on after this year.

So far, we've learned that Melissa McCarthy got "so sentimental" and "so sad" when she finally reunited with the Gilmore Girls cast after the show's first run ended. Patterson, too, mirrored that sentiment on the podcast, saying the cast—who are all quite a bit older now—is "more grateful" than when the show originally aired. 

"We’re happy to see each other… We were younger then and maybe a little bit naïve about the business, some of us… People are closer now. Friendships are deeper.”

The Gilmore Girls reboot will release on Netflix later this year.