May 25, 2016


Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking for His Latest Performance Piece & Fans Have Already Found Him

Shia LaBeouf is embarking on a brand-new venture in performance art. He's going hitchhiking and leaking his GPS coordinates so fans can find him and take him anywhere. It's called, aptly, Take Me Anywhere.

The endeavor is a partnership with Vice, and his friends Rönkkö and Turner are along for the ride. He started in Lyons, Colorado. The project is commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as part of The Finnish Institute in London and MediaLive 2016. Fancy!

LaBeouf told Vice that the project is about “making friends” and “finding meaning” in life. And apparently, he has already found some friends. In the video below, three guys journey to find LaBeouf and show him what Colorado is all about.

So, will you be the next one to find Shia? 

Learn more at the Take Me Anywhere website and make sure to check his coordinates on Twitter!