May 6, 2016


Slipknot’s Former Drummer Joey Jordison Debuts New Band, Vimic

Jesse Wild/Rhythm Magazine via Getty Images
Jesse Wild/Rhythm Magazine via Getty Images

Joey Jordison has been taking time since splitting from Slipknot back in December 2013 to figure out his next steps for his music career. After starting the band Scar the Martyr, he is now announcing his newest endeavor: Vimic. Listen to their first song, "Simple Skeletons," right here.

Essentially, Vimic is a blueprint of Scar the Martyr, Jordison says. Vimic features several members from Scar the Martyr, including Kyle Konkiel (bass), Matt Tarach (keyboards) and Jed Simon (guitar/vocals), with the addition of singer Kalen Chase. The frontman previously toured with Korn as a backing vocalist and percussionist.

Vimic has just completed their debut album, Open Your Omen, with Roadrunner Records. There is currently no release date for the album, though it’s expected sometime this year. According to Jordison, the band is “juggling a couple of different release dates” to make sure everything comes together smoothly.