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The latest (7/15): The review embargo has been lifted and positive reviews for the movie are rolling in, describing it as action-packed, but with the feel of an old school Star Trek original series episode. 

July 14: At a press conference, Simon Pegg reveals that Jaylah was actually named after Jennifer Lawrence (J. Law). 

"We were trying to create this very independent character. But we didn't have a name for it.  So we just called it 'Jennifer-Lawrence-In-Winter's-Bone.' That's a long name. So it started getting tiring always saying, well Jennifer-Lawrence-In-Winter's-Bone is fighting here.  So then we started calling her J-Law.  And then she became Jaylah."

July 7: John Cho told reporters at a press event in Australia that his character, Sulu, is gay. In the new movie, he has a husband as well as a daughter (who we've seen before, as an adult in 1994's Star Trek: Generations). This is new ground for the franchise, which has never had a regular character who was gay before.

June 29: An extended video comes out featuring Rihanna talking about what Star Trek means to her and how the song "Sledgehammer" ties in to the movie.

June 27: The third and final trailer for Star Trek Beyond is here, featuring "Sledgehammer" by Rihanna.

June 25: Tickets for premiere day have gone on sale in multiple cities throughout the U.S. Selected theaters are also staging a marathon on July 20th of the reboots, ending with a 10:00 p.m. premiere of Star Trek Beyond, timing it to coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con premiere.

June 19: Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekov in all three Star Trek reboots, died in a tragic jeep accident at his home. A press event scheduled for Cannes this week, which was to feature many members of the cast, has been canceled.

Star Trek Beyond will feature a dedication to Yelchin in the end credits.


U.S. release date: July 22, 2015

Special premiere: July 20th at San Diego Comic-Con, outdoors, with a live orchestra providing the score

Also special: Some theaters will feature "beyond the screen" versions of the movie, which will create an immersive experience with three screens stitched together across the front and side walls of a theater.

Estimated budget: $150 million

Time since last Star Trek film, 2013's Into Darkness: 3 years, 2 months

Place in the Star Trek chronology: The crew is midway through their 5-year mission (which they kicked off at the end of Into Darkness) to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

It takes place at the same time as the original series, but it’s not the same story line; history has changed, forever altering the characters and their timeline. Still, this all happens long before The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, or Voyager (and all the other pre-reboot movies), and after Enterprise.

The story: After stopping off at Starbase Earhart, a remote outpost on the fringes of Federation space, the USS Enterprise, halfway into their five-year mission, is destroyed by a powerful, unstoppable wave of unknown aliens. With the crew stranded on a unknown planet and with no apparent means of rescue, they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy who has a well-earned hatred of the Federation and what it stands for.

We also know that the crew is going to get split into groups: looks like Spock and McCoy will be paired up, Kirk and Chekov, Sulu and Uhura, and Scotty with newcomer Jaylah, judging by the photos we've seen as well as an interview with Karl Urban. "Bones and Spock couldn't be more diametrically opposed" he said. "So, to be thrown into a situation of great jeopardy and rely on each other for survival and overcome each other's eccentricities - it's a lot of fun. I had a fantastic time working with Zachary Quinto. I can't wait for [fans] to see that."


Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock
Zoe Saldana as Lt. Nyota Uhura
Karl Urban as Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Simon Pegg as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
John Cho as Lt. Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov


Idris Elba
Character: Krall, a reptilian-like alien whose goal is to exterminate Earth and the entire Federation
Previous credits: Luther, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Beasts of No Nation, The Jungle Book, The Wire

Sofia Boutella
Character: Jaylah, an alien warrior, and probable ally to the Enterprise crew
Previous credits: music videos (Usher, Madonna, Ne-Yo), Kingsman: The Secret Service, upcoming reboot of The Mummy

Shohreh Aghdashloo
Character: a member of the Federation High Command
Previous credits: The House of Sand and Fog, 24, The Expanse, Grimm


Director: Justin Lin, who directed four Fast & Furious movies, and will be directing Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. He has also helmed episodes of True Detective and Community. Lin's first feature film starred John Cho (Sulu).

Writers: After the departure of Roberto Orci, scripting duties went to Simon Pegg (Scotty, and the co-writer of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) and Doug Jung, creator of the TV series Dark Blue. Orci still gets a writing credit along with John D. Payne and Patrick McCay.

Cinematographer: Stephen F. Windon, cinematographer for several Fast & Furious movies and The Patriot. 

Composer: Michael Giacchino, who has done the score for dozens of video games, TV shows, and movies, including Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Zootopia, Inside Out, and both of the previous Star Trek reboots. Next up, The Lego Batman Movie and The Incredibles 2

Based on: Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry


No. 1, December 14 2015, 14,975,582 views


Fans freaked out about the Beastie Boys soundtrack (which many remember from the first of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies), and the high volume of action shots, explosions, and the clip of James T. Kirk on a motorcycle. Actor and co-writer Simon Pegg, interviewed at the premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in which he briefly appeared), offered this reassurance: "I find the marketing people to be 'everybody come and see this film, it's full of action and fun', when there's a lot more to it than that," he said. "I didn't love it because I know there's a lot more to the film... there's a lot more, what I would call, 'Star Trek stuff'."

No. 2, May 21 2016, 341,042 views

The second trailer was premiered at an exclusive fan event on the Paramount lot, along with a Q&A with Justin Lin, J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban.




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This one pays homage to the poster for the very first Star Trek movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture:

International version:

And then there's this cool one that MOVES.


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These posters of Sulu and Uhura were released before they realized the combadges were on the wrong side of their uniforms.

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Here are the corrected versions.

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January 2013: J.J. Abrams announces he's producing but not directing.

March 2013: J.J. Abrams talks about a 2016 release date, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek, the original series (Sept. 8, 1966).

April 2014: Roberto Orci, who’d worked on the two previous Star Trek movies, is confirmed to write and direct.

December 2014: Roberto Orci remains producer, but is removed as writer & director; Simon Pegg and Doug Jung are hired to write a new script.

December 2014: Justin Lin announced as new director.

February 2015: Leonard Nimoy, who reprised his role as Mr. Spock in the first two reboots, dies of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  

May 2015: Rumors start about William Shatner making an appearance as Captain Kirk of the future, much as Leonard Nimoy appeared as Spock in the first two; later it comes out that this is not happening. Updated June 2016: Looks like a Kirk-to-Kirk meeting was in the original script by Roberto Orci, but got scrapped when it was rewritten. Chris Pine told SFX Magazine that it would distract too much from the story, and become the THING people talked about instead of the movie itself. "The movie can’t become about that," he said. "The movie has to be about whatever story we’re trying to tell. It’d be fun, it’d be kitschy, it’d be a great piece for you guys to talk about, and for late-night TV, but above and beyond that I don’t know what it serves for our storytelling purposes, you know?"

January 2016: New uniforms are revealed, along with the possibility that Sulu is now a dad, which fits in with the original Star Trek timeline (Sulu's daughter Demora appears in the 1994 movie Star Trek: Generations, at the helm of the Enterprise-B)

February 2016: In a set visit in Vancouver from Access Hollywood, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban promise lots of old-school Spock-McCoy banter in the new film.

March 2016: Zoe Saldana posts an Instagram pic in her new uniform.

April 2016: Idris Elba reveals details about his character, including the fact that he’s very, very angry at the Federation, and that he’s “predatory.”

May 2016: John Cho reports that the new movie really captures the feeling of the original series.

May 2016: Simon Pegg says the story kicks off when the Enterprise docks at a huge space station called the Starbase Yorktown, a sort of "diplomatic hub" for new members of the Federation.

May 2016: Karl Urban tells fans to look for a small tribute to DeForest Kelley (the original Dr. McCoy) near the end of the movie, when he wears an outfit in a nod to Star Trek: The Motion PIcture. He also admits that he was not necessarily going to appear in Star Trek Beyond, but discussions with director Justin Lin made him decide to do it.

June 2016: Justin Lin gave an interview to Collider, with more info on the story line and tone:

"I kind of approach action/non-action very much similarly. It has to be character-based and it has to kind of come off the theme and the overall arc. I had a very strong opinion on what sets this journey off. That’s been the centerpiece of this film. So that, to me, it leads to a literal kind of deconstruction, but also, at the same time, thematic deconstruction of Star Trek. And I think it puts our characters at a point where they have to kind of work together. It gives each character an arc and also relationships that I’ve always wanted to see them have."

The movie's villain, Krall, played by Idris Elba, is an character never before seen in the Star Trek world. Lin elaborated.

"I wanted to create something that would challenge, and also in a very valid way, the philosophy of The Federation. And I think that’s what this character…My goal is to really have him do that."

He also promises Easter eggs galore for the hardcore fans.

June 8: Michael Giacchnio has finished scoring the film.

June 10: Karl Urban tells Collider a little more about McCoy's journey in Star Trek Beyond:

"We get to push Bones into a territory that we haven’t seen him in before. There’s a lot more action for Bones. I think he’s forced to cross certain lines that he never thought he would. To me that’s particularly fertile and interesting territory. As a doctor, it’s his job to save life. He’s so compassionate about life. And in this film that core foundation of his belief is tested."

He also admits that the cast got the giggles a lot during filming, and that this is definitely more of an ensemble piece than the previous movies.

June 15: Omaze, a company that offers up chances to win dream experiences with celebrities in exchange for donations, is offering up a chance to go to Comic-Con in San Diego and attend the red carpet premiere of Star Trek Beyond with the cast and hang out with them afterwards. Airfare and hotel are included! Donations benefit The Mission Continues, which helps veterans adjust to life back home. Take a look:


Left to right: John Cho plays Sulu, Anton Yelchin plays Chekov, Karl Urban plays Bones, Chris Pine plays Kirk, Zachary Quinto
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Left to right: Karl Urban plays Bones and Zachary Quinto plays Spock in Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, B
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Left to right: Chris Pine plays Kirk and Idris Elba plays Krall in Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Ro
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Left to right: Chris Pine and Director Justin Lin on the set of Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot
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The cast seems to like Dubsmash a lot.


Paramount has greenlit the next installment in the series. Star Trek 4 will star Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth (as Kirk's dad). Zachary Quinto has already signed on, and expectations are that the rest of the main cast will do the same. J.J. Abrams will produce but not direct. The writers are going to be John D. Payne and Patrick McCay. Justin Lin says it's unlikely that he will direct.

The new Star Trek series premieres on CBS All Access in early 2017, and will be called Star Trek Discovery. Producers are already talking about a female captain, and LGBT characters among the crew.