May 21, 2016


Stephen Colbert Does His Best Impression of Kanye’s ‘Ellen’ Speech

This past Thursday, Kanye West made a daytime appearance Ellen where he ended up giving delivering an eight-minute long rang that was truly monumental. 

On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert brought up West’s impromptu monologue to say that he related to the 38-year-old hip-hop artist. "Now, a lot of people after seeing that are saying Kanye engaged in a rambling, incoherent word dump. I disagree. But I understand Kanye because we're a lot alike,” Colbert stated.

Colbert continued to mimic Kanye’s free-associative speech pattern. He joked: 

“I want to change the world, man. I wanted to invent fashion that stops global warning, a computer that fixes racism. I want to own a boat so big that it ends poverty. I'm sorry, I'm sorry late-night TV, I'm sorry for the realitude.”

Watch the clip above.