May 9, 2016


Taylor Swift Sends Flowers to Graduating Fan

Larry Busacca/Getty Images
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has forged a reputation in the music biz for not only making her own dreams come true, but the dreams of her fans. So when the pop star noticed one of her fans, Caylee, was graduating college to find a career in the music industry, she was thoughtful enough to send her a little gift.

Swift sent Caylee a bouquet of flowers, which the graduate modestly displayed on Instagram with a humble caption.

"I'm a longtime fan that has just gotten to know her through the years," Caylee told Fuse in a nonchalant email. "Taylor is so great, and I'm lucky to have someone as genuine and wonderful as her in my life."

Swift is no stranger to sending presents to her fans. In 2014, she sent dozens of Swifties boxes filled with hand-picked trinkets, merch and written letters for Christmas:

Earlier that year, she invited groups of fans to her homes to listen to 1989 before anyone else. She has also been known to surprise people, showing up to her fan-turned-friend Gena's bridal shower in 2014: