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Photo Proof That Taylor Swift Is Just Copying Taylor Momsen's Style

No, the '1989' star rocking '90s-inspired outfits is *not* edgy

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'90s Maxi Style

Getty Images

Taylor Swift attended the 2016 BMI Pop Awards earlier this week, and she decided to offset her platinum 'do with a spaghetti-strap crushed velvet maxi and a diamond choker. Too bad The Pretty RecklessTaylor Momsen already mastered that '90s gothic look years prior with her silk maxi-and-heavy eyeliner combo.

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Plaid Me Up

Getty Images

Swift has all the essentials for a typical Momsen daytime look down pat:

  • Wrinkled tee? Check!
  • Oversized flannel button-up? Check!
  • Buggy sunglasses? Check!
  • Tousled blonde hair? Check!
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Grunge Chic

Getty Images

Fashion and style websites couldn't get enough of Swift's pre-Met Gala outfit, where she rocked a plaid dress and combat boots. It's almost as if another singer didn't already pull this look off years ago! HOW GROUNDBREAKING, TAY-TAY!

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The Platinum Hair & Mini-Dress Special

Getty Images, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for VOGUE

The single photo that started it all: Swift's cover on the May issue of Vogue. The singer debuted her choppy platinum bob in the coveted fashion magazine's spread, and everyone gasped like it was some new innovation. Whoa, America's Sweetheart Taylor Swift goes edgy!

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Do These Sunglasses Make Me Look Cool?

Getty Images, Taylor Swift (@taylorswift on Instagram)

Taylor Momsen will always look way too cool for school, like the girl you wanted to bum cigarettes off of after detention but was too afraid to ask. Swift, on the other hand, does not have that appeal.

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Little Black (Edgy) Dress

Getty Images, Taylor Swift (@taylorswift on Instagram)

In this Instagram photo from her time at Coachella, Swift made this big claim: "I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?" (As if chokers haven't been around longer than her career.) While Momsen isn't rocking one in this particular photo, her love for the neck accessory is quite evident.

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When Goth Goes Glam

Getty Images

Swift debuted her new "edgy" look at the 2016 Met Gala with a silver Louis Vuitton mini-dress. While it was a new change for the singer, the outfit was something Momsen could have easily pulled off with even more authentic attitude, like, five years ago.

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