May 5, 2016


Watch Tejas Menon's Kickass Rock Cover of the 'Powerpuff Girls' Theme Song

You probably didn't think you needed a rock cover of the Powerpuff Girls theme song in your life...until now! Thanks to Indian artist Tejas Menon, music and cartoons have collided in the most kickass, nostalgic way.

Menon (who resides in Pune, India) and his bandmates put a fresh spin on the theme song, which was already a fuzzy rock jam in its own right. The new version was recorded Delhi music studio Basement Co., and the live performance will spark an immediate singalong.

Cartoon Network confirmed Powerpuff Girls reboot earlier this year, and the first episode premiered on April 4. After jamming out to Menon's cover below, click here to watch the latest Powerpuff Girls teaser clip with the adorable Bubbles. 

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(H/T Buzzfeed)