May 19, 2016


'The Walking Dead' Is Bringing Animatronic Zombies to Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Los Angeles will soon be home to a horde of animantronic zombies as part of a year-long exhibition, launched by one of the demented minds behind The Walking Dead. On Wednesday, the theme park announced that a walk-through experience, replete with AMC's blood thirsty walkers, will open on July 4, because America loves freedom and zombies. 

Greg Nicotero, the show's director, executive producer and master of gore, unveils and discusses at length some of The Walking Dead Attraction's flesh eaters in the video above. 

According to USA Today, the Dead experience at Universal Studios will use replicated props, set designs and costumes all drawn from the wildly popular AMC show. Nicotero said in a statement that the overall aim is to "make the attraction as 100% authentic as possible. We’re getting the chance to utilize molds that were created specifically for the show and translate them into parts of the attraction."

Even though it was originally billed as a ride, the Walking Dead exhibit has obviously morphed a bit, but it will no doubt wreak havoc entertain young children and families when it opens this summer.