May 17, 2016


Watch Thrice's Strange New Video for 'Black Honey'

Thrice's forthcoming album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is the group's first since 2011. Due out May 27 (that's next week!) on Vagrant Records, Thrice's newest offering has been billed as the band's comeback to the fore, and given the video they just released for "Black Honey," we can expect some pummeling tracks. 

Originally released as a standalone single late last month, the video for "Black Honey" creates the kind of weird and lucid storyline you might see depicted in a Stephen King novel. Watch different band members drive around a back country road with a probably possessed demon child in the video above. 

Thrice has gradually veered away from the post-hardcore and pop-punk stylings that defined their releases in the early/mid aughts, and frontman Dustin Kensrue recently told Fuse about the band's musical evolution: 

"There was a long incubation for us to not settle on a sound but settle on what it felt like for us to be a band, in a sense. I don't know how to exactly describe it. Doing Vheissu [the 2005 follow-up to Thrice's '03 debut The Artist in the Ambulance], which was kind of our biggest jump, we were pushing ourselves, like, "Look, we felt like last time we were rushed and we're doing what we want to do exactly and then getting all the way there." Then we did [The Alchemy Index, a concept album with four discs based on four elements], which was this huge learning thing, spreading ourselves out, and then coming back and playing Beggars."

If you're not well versed in Thrice's catalogue, just know that, according to Kensrue, "The next record will probably sound different, because we hate doing the same thing twice."

Next, watch Fuse's Thrice interview from the vault:

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