May 17, 2016


T.I. Talks the Significance of ‘Roots’ Reboot

T.I. will be starring in the History channel’s remake of the Roots series. 

T.I. plays the character Cyrus, performing alongside Forest Whitaker and Laurence Fishburne. Describing his character, T.I. explains, “If you had to be a slave in the 1860s, Cyrus was the slave to be.” He elaborates on his character’s mentality, saying, “I’m not going to be your boy. I’m going to conduct myself as a man, I’m going to expect and demand respect in return.”

T.I. continues to comment on the importance of reviving the original series for 2016:

Roots opens up the floor for a much needed discussion, open dialogue on how we got here, how we improve, how we evolve. It’s just time to take it a step further so the story can live on and continue to be told. People will see the importance of our heritage, of our history.”

Roots will revisit the screen on Memorial Day, May 30. Watch the trailer for the series below.