May 10, 2016


Girls' Generation's Tiffany Drops Dreamy Solo Debut 'I Just Wanna Dance'

For almost a decade, Tiffany Hwang has been known as the bubbly belter in Girls' Generation, but now Tiffany is making a mark all on her own for her first official solo release. 

I Just Wanna Dance is the Korean-American's debut EP and its title track brings the 26-year-old into an unexpected sonic and vocal environments. Backed by icy '80s synths, Tiffany showcases a new texture of her voice with more sensual coos that recall more Carly Rae Jepsen and Dangerous Woman-era Ariana Grande than the R&B-pop stars one would expect her to emulate. But don't be fooled: By the second chorus she's already serving powerhouse notes and even nails a nearly Mariah Carey-like whistle note on the bridge. 

Similar to the actual song, the video for "I Just Wanna Dance" also goes in an unexpected place with Tiff forgoing the typical music video set for what looks like a sunny Los Angeles beach town where our girl forgets her troubles in a hotel room filled with pink smoke, a neon-tinged diner, and, of course, dancing with her girls in a parking lot. There's loads of gorgeous shots enhanced by trendy filters that only add to the track's dreamy mood.

The I Just Wanna Dance EP boasts six other tracks continue the cool, synth-driven feel of the title track with standouts including the trap-inspired "Talk," the '90s-R&B-leaning "Yellow Light," and "Fool" with its powerful chorus. Notably, the track "What Do I Do" was written by fellow Girls' Generation Sooyoung in Korea with Tiffany writing the lyrics to an English version, which were both included in the U.S. release. 

You can stream I Just Wanna Dance in full below via Spotify:

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