May 11, 2016


New 'Voltron: Legendary Defender' Trailer: Netflix Is About to Bring the '80s Radness

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have been enjoying a nice partnership with series like Dawn of the Croods, The Adventures of Puss in Boots and their How to Train Your Dragon spinoff show. Next up is the sci-fi/fantasy hybrid Voltron: Legendary Defender, hitting the streaming service juggernaut on June 10.

Watch the new trailer, which debuted at Entertainment Weekly, above. Semi-robot-averse viewers may be relieved to see there's definitely a major human component to the animated project. 

“Our characters are as unfamiliar as a new viewer would be to Voltron,” executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos told EW. “They’re living on a version of Earth in the distant future that hasn’t made contact with alien life forms, but they’re going to the equivalent of space camp.”

In the trailer, the five protagonists are solemnly told, "Together, you will form Voltron, the greatest weapon ever known, protector of the innocent, and our only hope to save the universe."

Voltron: Legendary Defender's first season will consist of an hourlong premiere and 10 22-minute episodes after that. Voice actors include The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, Adventure Time's Jeremy Shada and Arrow and Scream's Bex Taylor-Klaus.

DreamWorks and Netflix also have Trollhunters and Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh on the way this summer.