May 24, 2016


Wesley Snipes on a New 'Blade' Movie: 'Ball's in Marvel's Court'

Amen Ra Films/Getty Images
Amen Ra Films/Getty Images

To say Marvel is killing the movie game would be an understatement. Like, just this weekend we learned that after only two weeks in theaters, Captain America: Civil War, has officially earned over $1 billion at the box office. That's insane.

Anyway, the comic giants are making headlines again today because of a little film franchise you might remember: Blade.

Starring Wesley Snipes at the titular hero, the series began all the way back in 1998. In 2002, Marvel released Blade II, and in 2004, the final chapter, Blade: Trinity was born. It's been twelve years since, most people thinking the trilogy was just that, a trilogy. Until now.

Snapes tweeted that he's open to the idea of becoming Blade once more:

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