May 19, 2016


Watch Zac Efron & Jimmy Fallon Throw Water in Each Other’s Faces Over and Over

Zac Efron's got Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising coming this weekend, putting him back on the ol' talk show circuit. Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show squad, unsurprisingly, have not lost their taste for random fun.

Watch above as Fallon and Zefron play Water War, which is the card game War but where the losers get a pint of agua chucked in their face—after every turn. It goes on hot a splashy five minutes. The winner—we won't spoil who it is—gets to destroy his opponent with one beast of a water cannon at the end.

Fallon has previously Water Warred it up with Lindsay LohanDaniel RadcliffeRyan ReynoldsJake Gyllenhaal and Chris Hemsworth.

Elsewhere on Wednesday night's episode, Efron and Fallon broke it down wearing goofy wigs that matched the High School Musical star's eighth-grade haircut. "Why do you just have these things behind your desk?" the baffled Efron asks.