June 13, 2016


Jake Gyllenhaal, James Corden & Sean Hayes Sing 'A Whole New World' at the Tony Awards

The 2016 Tony Awards were packed with powerful, hilarious and awe-inspiring performances, both onstage and on a pop-up platform in front of New York City's Beacon Theatre, where the ceremony was held. Disney got some major love, with the cast of The Color Purple busting out some Lion King action for the mass of fans outside. But the beloved animation studio got another big nod the 8.7 million viewers at home didn't see.

Marvel above as Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Hayes and host James Corden glide through Aladdin's "A Whole New World" during a commercial break. Kinda shameful to need a lyric sheet for this chestnut, but maybe the average age being 39 makes it okay. Being 15 when Aladdin came out probably allowed you to act cool enough to not have to know all the words to Jasmine and Al's duet.

The "A Whole New World" video comes courtesy of Hayes' Facebook; it definitely looks like he slid his iPhone to a friend before popping up on the stage. Good thing he did, because now the trio's officially passed the official Fuse.tv Audition to Perform at the 71st Annual Tonys in 2017. Gyllenhaal, Corden and Hayes will sing the same song, except not during a commercial break.

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