June 24, 2016


Adele's '25' Is Now on Spotify: Stream It Until Your Heart Is Content

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

It's been seven months since Adele released her landmark album 25. Hit singles like "Hello" and "When We Where Young" have been a regular part of the pop music landscape since, but the album hasn't appeared anywhere on the internet's biggest streaming service until now. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 25 is now on Spotify, and you can stream its beautiful contents below: 

Adele's latest record joins her previous two—21 and 19—on the streaming service. If you don't recall, 25 reaped a windfall and smashed records at every turn, setting the record for most first-week U.S. sales recorded, among others.

Lately, the diva's been touring in support of 25 at arenas around the world. In recent months, she's given us a taste of the joyous, tense and hilarious things that can happen at an Adele concert, like watching soccer, for instance.