June 12, 2016


Adele Politely Tells Critic 'Suck My D--k' at Concert: Watch

It might seem like Adele's character is delicate and polite to a tee, but the singer can serve up some sass like nobody's business. 

During one of her recent stadium performances, Adele responded to some claims made by famous producer and musician Tony Visconti—a guy who's helped cut some very famous records with David Bowie, The Moody Blues and other luminaries of yesteryear. Visconti recently told the UK's Daily Mirror that he thinks Adele's voice might be artificially augmented on her records: "It's even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated," he said. 

Adele isn't down with that. In a video captured by some (pretty noisy) fans, the singer responds to Visconti with a simple request: "Dude, suck my dick," she said, after referring to Visconti as "some dickhead." Check it out in the video above, but wear headphones, just to ensure you catch the full effect of Adele's quip. 

The British diva's concerts have recently been jammed with some pretty funny happenings: Like when she took a break in the middle of a set to watch France play Romania in the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer championship, and reprimanded a fan for watching her concert through a smart phone. Because Adele does what she wants, obviously.