June 25, 2016


Ailee Loses Sound During Song at KCON New York, But Slays It A Cappella: Watch

An onstage technical difficulty turned into an opportunity for Ailee to showcase her incredible pipes at Day 1 of KCON 2016 New York Presented by Toyota. 

While performing her opening number for the packed Prudential Center, 2015 single "Mind Your Own Business," at the first night of concerts of the Newark, New Jersey K-pop convention and festival, the singer's backing music dropped out in the middle of the first chorus. Ever the professional, Ailee barely missed a beat and sang the rest of the chorus and hook a cappella, adding in a few licks and growls as she would with the full production to an extremely supportive audience's delight. 

It's a remarkable moment in particular for K-pop acts who are typically very dependent on backing tracks and would likely not continue performing with such gusto after an issue like this. Watch another cut of the incident below at the 2:35 mark:

The Jersey-bred star then walked offstage to re-do the choreographed opening and song, telling the audience "Act like it's the first time saw it, all right?"

The 27-year-old continue through a fiery set that included performances of "Don't Touch Me" and "I'll Show You." She later got emotional when addressing the crowd that she mentioned included family and friends seeing her perform for the first time.

"I'm going to cry, this is such a blessing to come home and be so welcomed. You guys have been very great to me. Thank you so much. I never would have imagined, six years ago, that I would be here with you all after I posted videos online of just my voice.

"I've never been nervous, not for my debut performance...but I was nervous tonight, but you just made me really comfortable."

Ailee teased the possibility of an English album for the States to the audience as well.

Stay tuned for loads more with all things KCON coming to Fuse soon. Keep up with all our on-the-ground coverage here. Below, watch Ailee discuss her confidence tips and working with Seventeen: