June 28, 2016


AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) Announces New Album, 'The Bible 2'

Courtesy of SideOneDummy Records
Courtesy of SideOneDummy Records

Its been about two years since we've heard from AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad), and it's about freakin' time our folk punk saviors have returned. If you're a proud member of the online punk rock community, you've probably noticed SideOneDummy Records tweeting (mostly retweeting) the above image...What does it all mean?

It almost definitely means a new album is on the way, called The Bible 2, out August 19. Use that noggin, sheeple!

So not only have our precious AJJ teased new tunes, they've also written a followup to The Bible. Make sure to watch the band's ode to autism rights activist Temple Grandin in a video of the same name, below.