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12 Avett Brothers Fan Stories That'll Have Your Heart Beating Like a Kick Drum

With the band's ninth album 'True Sadness' out now, we're looking to fans who have very special stories about how the Avett Brothers have played a part in their life

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Joe's bow

"I waited early in line (through a crazy flash rain storm too) in Pittsburgh May 12 for a spot on the rail, I made a sign for Joe that I would donate to charity if he gave me his bow, and he did! And I for sure kept my end of the deal!" –Aimee Pavucek Seningen, Pittsburgh, PA

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Rewriting for love

Courtesy of Mandy

"On May 22 last year, my then boyfriend was supposed to meet me in Letchworth State Park on Trail 19, where we went on our first date. When we finally arrived at our destination I realized there were rose petals on the ground. As we followed them I saw a mason jar with a candle inside. I had no idea what we were about to stumble upon! As we turned the corner I saw a circle made with bouquets of flowers and more candle lit jars. Then, Chad went over to his keyboard (which was also there) and told me he wrote me something. He started playing 'I and Love and You,' only the words were about us! He ended with, 'Four words that I've been dying to say...' And he took my hand and promised me forever. 

I have been in love with this band since the first time I heard them six years ago. My now soon to be husband captured my love of him and music all in one beautiful moment. It was the best day I have lived so far." –Mandy Vasile (soon to be Mandy Kirby), Silver Springs, NY

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Close call

"This guy who liked me went to my first concert. It was magical. But he kept saying he couldn't believe this many people liked them and didn't share the excitement with me, etc. And he said he didn't like them that much. That night the Avett Brothers saved me from a lame relationship." –Alyssa Rae Nickell, Tazewell, TN

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Do it for the kids

Courtesy of Jennifer Shepard Camacho

"It was my kids' first TAB show. They were 10 and 7. They each made a sign. We had second or third row seats. Towards the end—pre-encore—my husband lifted my son up so he could see a bit better. Seth caught my son's eye, smiled and put his hand over his heart to acknowledge that he saw my son. I decided to try to walk the kids to the stage. Everyone on the rail was so nice and let the kids stand right at the rail. During the encore, Scott walked by and shook the kids' hands. At the end, Joe walked up, took my son's sign, held it up to the crowd, and then placed it at the piano. Joe came back over and handed my son a setlist. Mike was still at the drums, but he made eye contact with my daughter, pointed the sticks towards her, smiled, and walked over and handed one to her. They are truly amazing human beings." –Jennifer Shepard Camacho, Los Angeles, CA

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Walking down the aisle

Courtesy of Laura Leeth

"I walked down the aisle to 'Swept Away (Sentimental Version)' and had this made for display. Hangs over my kitchen sink now :)" –Laura Leeth, Kenmore, Washington

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Rising above

"After I lost my mom, dad and brother to addiction, I would hear thoughts of giving up, thoughts of how it was my fault, visions of how my dad looked when I found him. I would pray myself to sleep to stop these thoughts. Then I heard a song called 'February Seven':

But the ceiling and the walls collapsed
Upon the darkness I was trapped
And as the last of breath was drawn from me
Light broke in and brought me to my feet

Music heals. I decided it was time to change. This song opened my mind to the possibility that I could change my beliefs about the people I loved who had died. I learned that the story I told myself would only keep me in pain. I learned that their decisions were exactly their own, that I couldn’t do anything to change that." –Renatta Keith

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Renewal song

"For our renewal party (13 years) my husband sang 'January Wedding' (one of the first TAB songs we ever heard). It was magical!" –Tracy Clement Roberts, Ferndale, Michigan

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Avett proposal

Courtesy of Heidi Dominiak

"I got engaged in between the Cleveland and Columbus shows last August. My fiancé made the box in the photo, the ring was hanging in a hidden drawer that pops out." –Heidi Dominiak, Batavia, NY

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Jet-setting in Europe

Courtesy of Karissa Sevensky

"In 2013, I went to see TAB in five countries during their European tour. I got to hang out with the guys at several stops along the way. Pete, their sound guy, speaks German and helped us order dinner. I stood in line with them at a Lumineers/Langhorne Slim show. I took every plane and train with Grace Potter and got drunk with her and hung out in the basement of a club in Germany. It was hands down the best trip of my life. 

Another story is the time I got in a car accident and the guy who ran into me was the Vice President of NBC east coast programming and gave me VIP tickets to Jimmy Fallon the night the guys were the musical guests." –Karissa Sevensky, Hackettstown, NJ

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Finding a way

Courtesy of Ashley Hensley

"I had a dream that I got to meet the Avett Brothers, and they just welcomed me like I was part of the family. For the Legendary Giveback show in Knoxville last year, I was lucky enough to make that dream come true. I was present during media interviews, doing whatever I had to do to tag along. It was completely surreal. At one point, Scott picked up a banjo and started playing dueling banjos. I had to pinch myself. One of the best days of my life, and they couldn't have been nicer." –Ashley Hensley, Knoxville, TN

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Across the room

Courtesy of Kelly Arnold

"My boyfriend took me to St. Augustine for my third Avett show. We had great seats on the second row, and he had gone to the restroom. Seth was looking down at his guitar, fixing a string or tuning it, and I was staring at him with this huge goofy closed-mouth smile. I was just taking it all in and so happy. When he looked up, he kind of moved his head back in this quick little motion, as if he were shocked that he'd looked up at someone who'd been staring right at him. Then he smiled at me—this huge smile—and then pointed at his cheek, made a little twisty motion, then pointed to his heart and then the stage. I couldn't believe it and it was so sweet, I'll never forget it! That moment cemented my obsession with this band, and I fully blame it all on Seth!" –Kelly Arnold, Snellville, GA

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Cross-country love

Courtesy the Grindles

"What happens when you mix girl living in L.A. and a boy living in New Haven with a mixtape filled with TAB songs? Well, seven years later they are married with a daughter and have been to over a dozen Avett shows together.

To say that Scott, Seth and the boys have played a pivotal role in our family's existence is an understatement. When she bought me my first tickets to an Avetts show for a birthday present knowing that she was too far away to join me at, I knew that she was special. What has grown since that time is a love for each other and a love for the family that the Avett Brothers have created. We have planned vacations around their tours—seeing them in Newport and Asheville, Alpharetta, Austin and New York City, even just down the road from our family home in Connecticut. Not a week goes by without us dancing with our daughter as the familiar sounds of a banjo, guitar, bass and cello fill our home with love." –Shawn, Josslyn (pictured above with Scott) & Abigayle Grindle, Connecticut

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