July 1, 2016


19 of the Biggest TV Moments of 2016 So Far

#1‘UnREAL’: Going Where Reality TV Won’t with the First Black Suitor

The fiery, feminist-leaning UnREAL revolves around the cast and producers of Everlasting, a fictional reality TV show that mimics our real-life version of The Bachelor. The Lifetime series isn’t subtle about the messages it’s trying to send—much like reality TV as we know it. Season 2 goes where the real-life Bachelor has yet to go, and possibly never will: It casts a black man as its romantic lead (called “the suitor” in Everlasting land). 

The relevancy to our nonfictional news cycle doesn’t stop there: one contestant parades around in a Confederate flag bikini, defending “the way things used to be,” while another dons an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt to make a statement about police brutality. UnREAL proves that reality TV, while seemingly far from our actual lives, can turn the lens around and point it straight back at our biases, perceptions, and preconceived notions of the truth. –Brooke Bunce

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