June 20, 2016


Blink-182 Add 2016 Tour Dates

There are only about two weeks left until Blink-182 drop their comeback album, California, their first without founding guitarist Tom DeLonge. It's a lot, and we're excited. It hasn't been that long since they first announced the album and a massive late summer/early fall tour to partner it, and we can't wait. 

The North American tour, which will feature All Time Low...and on select dates, A Day to Remember and the All-American Rejects, is probably the biggest one the band has been on in years. The demand is there, and today, they announced three more California dates. 

The new Blink-182 tour dates:

OCT 5 in Santa Barbara, CA // http://bit.ly/SantaBblink182
OCT 6 in Fresno, CA // http://bit.ly/FRESNOblink182
OCT 7 in Irvine, CA // http://bit.ly/FRESNOblink182

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