Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

"Pretty sure I have a bladder infection already."

Mark Hoppus was up to his usual teenage-boy banter during Blink-182's set at Firefly Music Festival on Sunday night, and Blink newcomer Matt Skiba tried to keep up. Skiba, who took Tom Delonge's spot during THAT whole drama, stepped up to lead vocals and guitar, recreating the pop-punk songs that we grew up with with little flair. They played tracks like "All the Small Things" and "What's My Age Again?" by-the-book, but that's all the festival crowd needed anyway.

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

(And speaking of books, Hoppus hates them. When Skiba named the Colorado, California and Chicago flags in the crowd, Hoppus called him out for being a smart book-reader type. Skiba responded, "They're just big magazines without the pictures." "Fuck. That," Hoppus said.)

But fans weren't there for the back-and-forth anyway. They were there for the music, and all the nostalgia that came with it. "First Date," which just turned 15 along with the rest of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, served as a dance party for die-hards, who glistened in sweat as they lost their shit to the classic Blink jam. After a few songs, Travis Barker shed his tank (no surprise there), representing all the shirtless dudes in the crowd who couldn't stop jumping, shuffling or attempting to crowd-surf. If there were any reservations about the new songs, they were lifted when "Bored to Death" and "Built this Pool" fit snuggly into the raucous set.

For the record, "Built this Pool" was played in its 15-second entirety, and Hoppus broke down the lyrics multiple times: "I wanna see naked dudes / That's why I built this pool."

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

At one point, Hoppus called out to people waving rainbow flags and asked them to pass one up to his spot on the stage. He draped it over an amp, securing it by placing two Gatorade bottles on top. It remained there for their entire show.

They closed out with "Dammit" to make way for Firefly headliners Mumford & Sons, who, according to Hoppus, were going to "teabag everyone." Well-said, Mark.