June 22, 2016


Blink-182 Star In New Spotify Documentary: Watch Part One

For those not the know, allow us to educate: Spotify is so much more than just a streaming service. They've created something of a documentary component to the site and our Blink-182 boys are the topic of the latest one. It appears the series will roll out in a few installments, watch the first one above. 

In it, bassist Mark Hoppus details his band's past and the California recording process.

He also spoke to the band's future, telling Spotify:

"Legacy is a subject that's come up a lot in the past few years. It was crazy important to us that we keep creating new music. We didn't ever, and don't ever, want to become like a greatest hits band."

Check it out above. When you're viewing the clip, you just gotta test your knowledge with our ultimate fan quiz. Make sure to find out which member of the band you best relate to as well.