June 22, 2016


Bryan Cranston Will Play Zordon in the New 'Power Rangers' Movie

Bryan Cranston is set to join the cast of the forthcoming Power Rangers film as Zardon—the giant, floating head that directs the group's intergalactic missions. 

The Oscar nominated actor and longtime friend of the franchise tweeted the news today, hinting that the Blue Ranger—a.k.a. Billy Cranston—was named after him: 

The Verge points out that Zordon plays a pivotal role in the Power Rangers universe, acting as the group's creator and erudite mentor. He's not a normal character—so much as a translucent, floating head—and he's got some serious issues with the villain Rita Repulsa, who will be played by Elizabeth Banks. 

The six-time Emmy winner has a history with the Power Rangers, notes Entertainment Weekly: The actor lent his voice to the character Snizard and Twin Man on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series back in the '90s. The new Power Rangers is set to release in March, 2017, but it might be the first in a very long and winding franchise reboot.