June 20, 2016


'Cheers' Is Bringing Your Favorite Characters to the Stage

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Fans of the sitcom Cheers—which ran from 1982 to 1993 and gave birth to the spinoff show Frasier—might want to hunker down on some theater tickets soon. 

That's because the show is getting reimagined for the theater, complete with all the central characters from season one in a production called Cheers Live on Stage. The play will feature mainstays Sam Malone, Diane Chambers, Norm Peterson and other Boston barflies, but won't feature Dr. Frasier Crane, according to the Associated Press.

It'll be an unorthodox production, notes director Matt Lenz, who's promised to incorporate 10 pre-selected audience members into the cast for each show. They'll be given '80s style clothing and directed to hang out accordingly. The move might be a bit of compensation for the fact that no original actors are involved. 

Writer Erik Forrest Jackson said he culled the script from the 22 episodes of the show's first season. "I took season one of Cheers and put it all into a big pot and cooked it up and boiled it down," he said. "The main through-line is the relationship between Sam and Diane but done in a way so it feels fresh." The show starts playing in September at Boston's Shubert Theater.