June 29, 2016


Local Cosplayer Celeb Is Running for Arizona Office: Meet 'Az Powergirl' Cara Nicole Trujillo

From dressing up like a justice fighter to becoming a real-life one: Meet Cara Nicole Trujillo, a.k.a. "Az Powergirl," who has announced she's officially running for polticial office. This November, the local celebrity with more than 45,000 fans on Facebook, will vie for one of Arizona's House of Representatives spots as a Green Party candidate.

Talking to the Phoenix New Times (via Kotaku), the indie comic-book publisher says she has become increasingly more involved with local politics and, in particular, has been lobbying to change laws for divorced parents getting equal time with their children. Speaking out her decision to run Green, she explained:

"I am serious about this. I felt it was a good time to run. I'm glad people are deciding they want to get more involved, and I want to give people the opportunity to choose something more outside the red-and-blue party system."

Spoken like a true hero tbh.

Trujillo adds that she campaigned at Phoenix Comicon and, yes, she was in costume. "This is my job, people will try to use it against me," she expalined, adding "If I dress up in a suit, people would say I'm a fraud. When I go to the Capitol to talk about bills, I'm respectful—I wear appropriate clothing."

I guess the only question left is whether she'll run her campaign loud and ferocious like Wonder Woman or go a more subtle route like Rogue? Hopefully she's doesn't pull a Harley Quinn on us. She has dressed up as all three characters...

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