June 23, 2016


Dave Grohl Got High, Watched Taylor Swift Cover Foo Fighters

If the headline confused you, get a load of the actual story: Dave Grohl performed a few acoustic tracks at Cannes Lions 2016 last night and things got really weird. Before launching into the famous Foo Fighters track "Best of You," the rock icon decided to tell a weird story involving weed, Taylor Swift and Sir Paul McCartney.

He said:

"We were at a party and Paul was there, hanging out, having fun. There was a piano in the room. Paul gets up and starts playing a song. It's amazing. By the way, just so you know, Paul McCartney is the baddest motherfucker in the world. I don't know if you know that already. He really is. You kind of forget, not only is he the coolest but he's also the best. He's fun to hang out with. So he starts playing a song on the piano that was in the house, in the living room and it's blowing everyone's minds...He finishes the song and everyone looks at me like, 'Go on Dave, play a song.' I don't know how to play piano...Maybe I smoked a little pot."

He continues:

"All of the sudden, Taylor Swift stands up and says 'I'll play a song.' Thank God Taylor Swift is here. ... She gets on the piano... She was fucking playing our song 'Best of You.' As if I weren't high enough, that blew me into outer space."

Watch it above. Then watch an original Fuse interview with Grohl where he talks about hanging with Zac Brown at the GRAMMYs. Make sure to check out another one, too, where Dave recalls recording himself at age 12, below.