June 9, 2016


Diplo Talks EDM: 'The DJ World Is the Corniest F--king Group of People'

Eric Ryan Anderson for Billboard
Eric Ryan Anderson for Billboard

Diplo may be one of the biggest DJs in the world, but that doesn't mean he enjoys it. For his Billboard cover story, he keeps it real on how he feels about the culture. Calling the DJ world "the corniest fucking group of people," Diplo tells the magazine:

"We're not celebrities, we're not famous for any good reason. We're just...really lame. Besides people like Dillon Francis, who makes fun of the whole thing, or Calvin Harris, it's a sinking ship. It's a really lame culture. I'm sad that I'm part of it, but I play the game."

But life definitely isn't all bad, as Diplo recently worked with Beyoncé on Lemonade's "Hold Up" and "All Night." He also has another collaboration with Justin Bieber and MØ in the works. Titled "Cold Water," the first single off Major Lazer's fourth album will drop sometime this summer. The producer tells Billboard that he wants to shift his musical focus from working with other artists to redefining Major Lazer:

"Beyoncé is the only artist I've produced for the last year, because it's more lucrative for us to make our own music now. When we put out a song with Beyoncé, cool, we'll get a fee, we'll get some [publishing] splits, but Beyoncé is going to make a billion dollars ­touring it. If I make a song and it's my song, like 'Lean On,' we're going to make money off the synchs, the Spotify and we get to headline ­festivals on it. That's the model I want to explore."

Below, watch Major Lazer discuss Craig David and competing against U2 on the 2016 BRITs red carpet: