June 8, 2016


Drake's Latest Parody Interview Is Here, Courtesy of Martin Short's Jiminy Glick

Drake's got history with satirical interviews. A couple years ago he disguised himself and hit Hollywood Boulevard to see what people really thought of his actual self. Not long after, Saturday Night Live treasure Vanessa Bayer had him on Sound Advice, the web series where she plays a media coach as clueless as she is brazen.

Today it's Drizzy vs. Jiminy Glick, one of Martin Short's longtime aliases. (Glick is back in business thanks to NBC's new variety series Maya & Marty.) Watch above as Drake, wearing a shirt dangerously close to the one he wore for the Bayer face-off, squirms through a terrible-by-any-metric interview.

Glick at one point hammers down on a criticism Drake's been getting since he dropped his first mixtape a decade ago: "So you're a Canadian former child star, so literally we're talking about zero street cred. Zero. And, oh wait, your real name is Aubrey. Well that changes it. That certainly ramps it up." Someone hasn't heard "Jumpman."

There's also talk of circumcision and how Jiminy Glick likes to clean his face like a cat. Worth noting: The clip arrives in the same 24-hour span as one of a teenage Drizzy performing improv in Toronto.

Elsewhere in Tuesday's episode, co-host Maya Rudolph and fellow SNL veteran Tina Fey sang a medley of love songs with very funny microphones:

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