June 24, 2016


See Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Trailer for His New YouTube Channel

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is at the brink of taking over the world, but right now his focus will be taking over YouTube! The actor announced his channel with a mock trailer at VidCon 2016, which was fitting for the comedic guy.

In partnership with Studio71, the overtly dramatic Ascendence teaser begins with a voiceover saying: "Once a generation, there comes an event so epic that it dominates our culture and alters our perspective on life as we know it…” After following two characters in a forest, the movie-like trailer cuts to Johnson giving the camera his famous The Rock eyebrow raise.

Johnson's YouTube channel is now called Seven Bucks Digital Studios, and will feature his own videos and a scripted action series; it'll also highlight projects from the actor's production company.

When he's not promoting his new channel, Johnson is busy promoting upcoming films like Fast 8Disney's Moana and the anticipated Jumanji remake. The actor is also teaming up with Fuse to produce marching band docu-series Hard Corps (this is the working title & not yet confirmed) under his Seven Bucks Productions company, which got picked up for eight episodes!

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