June 9, 2016


English Town Erects Ed Sheeran Pig Statue

Ed Sheeran is an icon. He's especially legendary in his native England, which is why it totally makes sense that a town would want to erect a stone likeness in his honor. What doesn't make sense, however, is that the Suffolk town of Ipswich would chose to immortalize the redhead in the shape of a pig. 

According to the BBC, the structure was designed and painted by Norfolk artist Martin J Wall. It was commissioned by the county council as one of the official partners in an event called Pigs Gone Wild. Yup.

Apparently Ed thinks the statue is "awesome," so at least he's totally cool about it. We gotta say, Ed Sheerham is all kinds of adorable.

While you've got the "Thinking Out Loud" singer on the mind, watch a vintage clip of the guy, below, wherein he talks about public sex and having a clean butt.