June 1, 2016


EXID Return With 'L.I.E': Check Out Their New Single & Check In to Their Wild Hotel

After viral-video fame shot them into the mainstream in late 2014, EXID has consistently proven to be the go-to girl group for off-beat-yet-totally-sexy releases. Their latest continues the trajectory with "L.I.E" which is the lead single off their first full-length album, Street.

EXID's new single opens with a bouncy, feel-good beat featuring members Hani and Junghwa's sweet vocals before evolving into the belt-heavy chorus led by Solji and Hyerin. The breezy melody quickly gets flipped on its head when the beats drops into a "Bitch I'm Madonna"-esque breakdown. The track climaxes when EXID rapper LE then takes over for a scene-stealing rap section in the second verse.

The transitions are experimental and slightly jarring, but they ultimately work cohesively for an ambitious pop track ready for western pop audiences, like other recent releases by EXID. Similar to how "L.I.E" recalls Diplo's work with Madonna, EXID's 2015 single "Hot Pink" heavily sampled Bob James' "Take Me to the Mardi Gras," that's famous for its use in Missy Elliott's "Work It.

Just like how "Hot Pink" and "Up&Down" boasted bizarre-yet-steamy visuals, "L.I.E" marks what may be their most stirring yet as LE raps in a bubble bath as her bandmates provocatively prance around the Hotel EXID in the sexiest bell hop uniforms we've ever seen.

Street is EXID's first full-length album after nearly four years together. While the group took a moment to truly find their footing, the LP is a milestone, and hopefully they'll continue to be just as quirky and experimental as they have since 2012.

Listen to a highlight medley of Street below: