INGLEWOOD, CA - MARCH 12:  Singer Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony attends Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards at The Foru
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There's no doubt that plenty of celebs have private social media accounts. There's also no doubt that some of them are too busy to stay on social media altogether. But there are also those who relish in opening up on their Snapchat (your Khaleds, your Kim Ks), Twitter (your Katy Perrys, your Chers), Instagram (your Beyonces, your Biebers) and Tumblr accounts (your Lordes, your Frank Os, etc.) to their fans. Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony does it all.

We absolutely love that Lauren opens her heart to her fans candidly on the Internet, pulling inspo from what other people post and her favorite music. Here's why Lauren is the queen at expressing herself online:

1. Her poetry is something to be heard (read it all)

2. She takes the best vacation selfies

3. She takes Tumblr-esque behind-the-scenes pics of her life

4. If you scroll back far enough you can see pre-5H Lauren

5. And not only does she spill her thoughts on Tumblr; she takes her intellectual takes to Instagram. This essay is a must-read:

6. She really has a knack for photography

7. She's really great at highlighting the work of others

8. And sharing the tunes she's into

9. She raises up others

10. All the while slaying it herself

11. She has a hunger to share knowledge and art with everyone

12. She vents online (just like EVERYONE)

13. And she's all about the food (duh!)

While you're here, check out this throwback video where Fifth Harmony and Little Mix interview each other: