June 23, 2016


'Fuller House': Get Ready to Meet Joey's Wife and Kids in Season 2


Fuller House aficionados who thought they knew everything about Joey Gladstone are in for a bit of a treat: TV Line reports that the Netflix show is introducing Joey's wife during the second season. Appropriately, she's an "enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician" named Ginger, and she's also mother to Joey's four children. 

Prior to the reboot's premiere in February, executive producer Bob Boyett explained to TVLine why the Gladstone family wasn't revealed in season one: “It just didn’t fit anywhere in the stories we developed. We had Joey—in the stories we were using him—come in for specific reasons. We just haven’t gotten to everything yet, and we don’t get to everything, even in the 13 episodes.” 

Series creator Jeff Franklin also noted: “It didn’t make it into the script, but at one point, we had him with a wife and kids back in Vegas." But the showrunners have said that the family reveal will come in episode six of season 2, when the Gladstones crash a Thanksgiving celebration held by the Tanner, Fuller and Gibbler clans. The Thanksgiving episode has already been previewed with gleeful intensity by the Fuller House cast, so let's hope season 2 breaks the internet, just like the first did