In case you hadn't heard, or you haven't had access to the internet in 24 hours, Sunday night's Game of Thrones season 6 finale was epic. 

And apparently that epic-ness has translated into more ratings success for the HBO hit: According to The Wrap, "The Winds of Winter" broke the series' previous TV ratings record, garnering a total of 8.89 million viewers on Sunday, compared with 8.11 million overall audience members for season 5. 

In terms of Nielsen ratings, the show scored a 4.3 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, according to the rating company's live-plus-same-day metric. The show had only just scraped the 4.0 mark on two prior occasions this season, according to The Wrap.

Per Nielsen, Thrones season finale ratings have been on a steady incline every year: Season 1 notched 3 million viewers in 2011, which steadily inclined up to 7.1 million viewers when season 4 ended. Imagine where the ratings will be when the show (supposedly) ends after season 8?

If ratings talk doesn't do Thrones justice for you, we have a very special episode of the Back of The Class podcast dedicated entirely to "The Winds of Winter":